Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located? IRVINGTON MUSIC
2030 16th Ave
Forest Grove, OR 97116 USA
2. How do I reach you? Email - 
Telephone - 503-319-1573 or 503-985-7335 (pst 11am-6pm) Tuesday through Friday
Fax - 503-214-6283
3. How do I order? Use the 5 digit number in the left hand column.
You may order by email, phone or fax. We will confirm via email.
4. How do I pay and do you accept credit cards? Orders must be paid before we ship.
We accept VISA and MasterCard, money orders and checks in United States Dollars.
5. Do you accept want lists? Yes. There are many more LPs and  tapes here than what appear on the monthly lists. We will check want lists one time when they arrive. If there is something you are hunting for it is wise to resubmit the want list at intervals.
6. Do you have a store? No. However you may make an appointment and visit us if you are going to be in the Portland, OR area. Our stock is NOT set up like a store. Everything is filed by Label and Number but we will be happy to help you locate things.
7. Do you buy? Yes. We buy LPs and open reel tapes of CLASSICAL, OPERA and JAZZ. If you have items you wish to sell, a list is the best way to begin. All we need is Label, Prefix and Number. For example: 
RCA LSC-2140 or Mercury 
8. How much do you pay? There is no one answer to this question. We pay a portion of what we think we can sell them for - condition is also important. The best title will NOT sell if it is in bad condition.
9. How often is the site updated? We update the web page and publish a hardcopy list of LPs and CDs about once per month and we update as we publish the list.


Telephone Hours

11 am - 5 pm, Tuesday-Friday



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