About us...

We opened Irvington Music in 1990 in the basement of our home in the Irvington District of Portland, Oregon. We subsequently moved to two commerical loft spaces and then to a home on an acre where we now live and work. The business occupies over 3,000 square feet of the daylite basement and two attached buildings.

  • How many records do you have?

    It's probably the single most popular question when people come to visit. Short answer: We don't know. Longer answer is that there are probably 200,000 - we get this number by counting the number of records on one shelf and multiplying by the number of shelves. Not exactly accurate but no one in the right mind would attempt an actual count.

  • Approximately 73% of our business is from outside the USA.
  • Although we buy and sell open reel tapes and compact discs and even a few 78s, it is the LP market in which we make our living.
  • Our customers visit us - not very often, but they do visit. We have had customers from as far away as Hungary and Japan, as well as many of our US and Canadian customers. Just be sure to call ahead to make sure we will be here when you arrive.
  • The numbers after each category originally meant the number of items in the category. They got lost in the re-do of the page. For now, ignore them - they mean NOTHING.

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